Auto Hold – Is It Worth The Candle In This Mode?

Auto Hold – Is It Worth The Candle In This Mode?

Video poker enjoys enormous and unabated popularity in every modern gambling establishment. Market experts explain this quite simply – the game is simple, and often also beneficial to the players. The principle of operation is clear to any poker player, there are no global innovations here.

The player receives 5 cards in his hands and, according to the terms of the game, he can change any number of them at a time. The main goal is to collect a combination included in the paytable. The key feature of video poker is that the player has no opponent – no need to compare your cards with the cards of opponents and dealers. And that’s the beauty of the game.

A Few More Details

Thus, when playing video poker, all a player needs to do is assess the strength of the cards he received and leave only those that, in his opinion, are really needed. The remaining cards will be replaced with others in the expectation of getting a stronger combination or improving the one that already exists.

In this section of our site, you can study the pay tables, as well as game strategies showing how to act in one or another situation. With the right approach, the advantage of a gambling establishment will be measured in fractions of a percentage or equal to zero. But this is only a theory; in practice, everything is different.

Not every visitor to a gambling house has the necessary experience and knowledge. Some players come to casinos solely for pleasure and rely only on fortune, while others play extremely rarely in order to closely engage in strategy, theory and game psychology.

Auto Hold Mode

Now we will look at the Auto Hold mode, which was introduced to video poker almost immediately after its invention and popularity.

But the Auto Hold button is not an analogue of the “Loot” button, so beloved by customers and as unrealistic as the properties that are prescribed to it. Remember, after pressing the Auto Hold button, the payments change – the coefficient decreases, the payments are made according to an additional table. This suggests that you pay out of your winnings for the help provided by the algorithm laid down by the developer.

Actually, there are two options – either you make all the decisions yourself and get the winnings, or you donate part of your winnings to the casino.

What To Do?

Before you do anything, be sure to study the materiel, choosing the most beneficial form of video poker for the player. Practice and only practice – you need to play, train constantly (demo mode to start). But if you are playing for fun, the Auto Hold button will definitely be useful for you, because if you do not have basic game skills and are unfamiliar with strategy, you can lose much more than you can win in the future.

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