Deuces Wild Video Poker Tips

Deuces Wild Video Poker Tips

Deuces Wild video poker is very popular today (and, it seems, not in vain). This type of game has gained universal popularity, since deuces, which play the role of a joker, fall out here quite often and allow the player to collect many different paid combinations.

Thus, in order to achieve the highest efficiency, it is required to use the optimal strategy that was developed by specialists for this type of video poker.

Within the framework of this article, we will try to figure out what the player should do in a situation when there is one deuce in 5 starting cards? Since these hands are formed very often, you need to be able to play them correctly, because in sureWin casino video poker you cannot rely on intuition.

Ready Solutions

  • If you do not have a ready-made combination or do not have “blanks”, which consist of 3-4 cards, in this case it makes sense to keep only two, all the other cards can be changed.

  • An important point – if you have a ready-made combination from a full house (or better), then you usually should not change them, since they are very generously paid and it makes sense to leave them without an exchange.

  • Save 3 or 4 deuces under Royal Flush. It also makes sense to keep 4 cards with the 2nd for the Straight Flush combo in

  • If you have any made straight or flush with a deuce, they must be split if you have 4 consecutive cards for a Royal Flush.

  • Save the tris with a deuce is better than chasing a leaky straight flush.

By correctly applying these tips, you will improve your level of playing Deuces Wild video poker, although it certainly makes sense to fully study this kind of strategy in order to know what actions to take in certain situations. Do not forget to use auxiliary literature (including articles from our site) – online, as well as in serious offline casinos, no one will forbid you to do this.

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